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We Inspire
Today's Youth

At Young Dreamers, we inspire today’s youth to set goals AND give them the tools they need to achieve them while navigating life’s ups and downs.


Young Dreamers brings purpose-driven, good example adults together to inspire these students of life with their hardships and demonstrate they’re not detrimental to success.

"Young Dreamers creates strong,
more able-minded adults,
...our future leaders"

We help children learn how to get through the trials and tribulations they’ll inevitably face in life. Together, we’ll give them the proper tools and roadmaps they need so that by the time they mature into young adults, they’ll have ingrained these great tools into their lives; tools that they both use and pass along to the next generation of leaders.

We stand behind these kids, mentor them, give them guidance and inspiration, and help them in their journey in becoming the future.

We invite you to become part of our community, to rally behind these amazing dreamers, and help them uncover their natural abilities, talents and expertise to get through this thing called life.


Our mission is to create a space where kids can connect with professional executives, athletes, celebrities, and more to receive tools to help them feel comfortable with the commonalities of life’s ups and downs. We hope to show them how they can positively react to common situations that will happen in their lives. We help these kids uncover their internal strengths and teach them how to hone their emotional intelligence (EQ), so as they grow into adulthood, they’ll take these teachings with them and leave a lasting impression on the world and those around them.

Young Dreamers believes that every child has the ability to reach any goal they set for themselves, and overcome any obstacle, with the proper guidance, mentorship, and encouragement.

Our Nation’s schools need more resources to provide valuable tools which help build the character and values of our youth. When Emotional Intelligence isn’t being taught at home or in schools, this leaves our kids vulnerable and unequipped to be strong and well-balanced adults.

We enable students to overcome life's obstacles  by giving them the tools, knowledge, and inspiration they need to reach goals, and stay on course, no matter what life sends their way.


Young Dreamers was founded by Nicole Rodrigues, former NFL cheerleader, writer, and award-winning entrepreneur.

Our Team

Nicole Rodrigues


Nicole is a public relations, digital marketing, and social media industry veteran with more than 17 years of experience helping companies and brands of all sizes position themselves through strategic PR and storytelling.

Dez Garrido

Creative Director

Dez Garrido is the creative director at Young Dreamers and fellow Jr. High, High School, AND college friend of our founder, Nicole Rodrigues.

Young Dreamers is here to inspire today’s youth to be fearless in the pursuit of their goals, while utilizing true stories of successful executives, celebrities, athletes, and more to give future leaders the tools they need to get where they want to be.

Friends who support us


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