Dez Garrido

Dez Garrido is the creative director at Young Dreamers and fellow Jr. High, High School, AND college friend of our founder, Nicole Rodrigues. The #1 ranked coach in Santa Clara County, CA, Dez is a top-of-the-line, heart-centered certified coaching a personal development service professional.
Dez provides coaching and consulting for individuals seeking to change, transform and increase the quality of their life and well-being.  Her focuses are on life transformations, health and wellness consulting, healthy habit formation, clarity and deeper self awareness, confidence building, weight loss, and much more.  
By combining her past professional experience as a conscientious, personable and energetic Client Services professional with 15 years + of experience that encompasses Project Management, Sales, Marketing Communications and Public Relations and her personal experience in self-development, spirituality, athletics, and martial arts, her offerings are layered and strategic in everything we do at Young Dreamers.  
She’s given lectures and workshops at Body Evolution Newark, All in One Fitness Albany, Cornerstone International College, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, and UCSF Mission Bay. She’s also appeared as an expert on panels hosted by National Psoriasis Foundation, UCSF and Stanford Medical Center. She’s also appeared on NBC Bay Area’s Asian Pacific America as a guest talking about the importance of coaching! She stays fired up and shines her light wherever she goes.

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