Nicole Rodrigues

While her resume and accomplishments in the PR industry are impressive, Nicole always knew her purpose in life was to inspire others — especially future leaders — through encouragement, positive mentoring, and getting them fired up about what they can accomplish.
The eldest of nine children, Nicole  endured many ups and downs as a child whose parents were both under 21 when they had her. While both of her parents had to navigate life while raising her, Nicole had a lot of responsibility early on to care for and guide her younger siblings through their sometimes tumultuous childhood. Sheltered by strict parents and admittedly naive to certain areas in life, she became a young mother herself, just weeks after graduating college. Though it wasn’t easy, Nicole’s  family was a strong support system that always encouraged her to stay focused, set goals, work hard, and never lose sight of the light within her. Dad was a professional boxer with a heart of gold. Mom was a hard-working woman who never allowed life to keep her down. This combination created a positive impact on Nicole, who has managed to make big things happen in her life, including reaching her very first goal of becoming an NFL Cheerleader, becoming a college graduate, and an award-winning entrepreneur. Now, more confident and hard-working as ever, Nicole continues to fight through and work hard for the things she wants and has never allowed herself to be a victim of circumstance. Nicole ferociously sets goal after goal, and utilizes tools she developed as a child, such as music and movie playlists, journaling, and more, to stay positive and surpass goals year after year. To this day, every single goal Nicole has set for herself she has reached, and she knows that if she can make it happen, anyone can. In 2017, Nicole launched NRPR Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Make It Happen. This started off as a small speaking tour for Nicole, where she visited various Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area schools to talk with students about setting goals, building their personal brands, and persevering through life’s ups and downs. The program grew to become so successful that it eventually grew into Young Dreamers, Nicole’s second company. The rest is and will continue to be HISTORY!

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