Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful

To My Beautiful Younger Gwendy,

I know being a teen is not easy. Especially when you are being bullied verbally; by students and sometimes friends. I am very proud of you. That you did not let anyone take over your life. That you did not feed into them, even though you were scared and vulnerable. You held your head high with a beautiful smile on your face and continued to be you. You have truly conquered so much as a teen. Between peer pressure, dealing with being a thicker girl with large breasts at a very young age and, of course, the boys.
You’ve had your heartbroken numerous times, but you seem to just dust yourself off and keep walking. My proudest moment was when you got cheated on by who you thought was “the one.” I don’t think any teenager or even a grown woman would have done what you did. You actually met with the teen girl he cheated on your with, and actually talked to her as an adult. You may have been heartbroken, but you clearly were a young lady that day. I know you weren’t a perfect teen, but you handled yourself very well when it came to difficult times. I know you can’t wait to be an adult. Stay young, enjoy life, love yourself, your family, and friends. Just stay strong, confident, humble, caring, respectful and classy. You never want to look back and think I wish I would have done things differently. It is easier said than done, believe me. But hear me out when I say DON’T RUSH IT. Being an adult is not all unicorns and rainbows. There are lots of obstacles, leaps, and bounds. You’ll get hurt along the way, but that’s how we all learn. As long as you make good choices everything will be ok. Stay beautiful!

Gwendy Jones

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