TRUST Your Instincts!

Dear Nicole,

You have so many gifts and so much love to give the world. Please don’t listen to what others tell you, when they criticize you in school for being too friendly to people. They’ll say that it’s “fake” and they’ll say that it’s “weak” and they’ll say you’ll get hurt from being “too nice.” Don’t believe them and please don’t listen.

Your niceness and trusting nature are authentic, and real, and when you believe in your true nature, that’s where you get your strength. Knowing yourself, trusting yourself, and following your heart – not what other people tell you – is where you will find the most happiness.

Each time you listen to someone else’s advice, whether it’s about relationships, friendships, and “what to do next” in certain situations, you will find the most regret when you listen to them and it goes against your gut feeling. I’m telling you, that will happen. That’s when you’ll be the most sad and find the most regret. Because, DEEP DOWN, what you’ll discover, sometimes, when it’s too late, you already knew the answers but didn’t trust yourself. You’re not crazy. You have solid intuition. Believe in that.

Send loving energy to and forgive those who hurt you. It will be tough. Most don’t understand what they’re doing when they’re doing it, especially your friends in school. We’re all young. We all make mistakes. As you get older, you’ll see those people who hurt you and you will know, because you held no grudges, you are the stronger, better person for it. They’ll appreciate your kindness and will be thankful you didn’t hold things against them. After all, we’re all put on this earth to learn from our mistakes so we can, hopefully, become better people as we grow older.

Go for EVERY goal you want to reach. Your gut and intuition will guide the way. Trust that the universe has your back, because it does. YOU WILL succeed. YOU WILL reach your goals. IT WON’T be easy. You’ll be tested by obstacles, but as long as you trust your intuition and follow your heart, your dreams will be there for you to see in real life. When that happens, you need to go out and share your story with others. Motivate them to do the same. Show them that it’s all possible and they have more control over the outcomes in their life than they think. Never forget how hard it was navigating life as a kid, a teenager, a college student, a young adult, a young mom (yes, that will happen), and, eventually, an entrepreneur (yes, that will happen too).

Keep your friendships with those who know you best. Most of all, your first best friends, Tim and Heather. Not to mention the long list of others from elementary, Jr. High, High School, and college. Your personality will connect you with an awesome group of childhood friends. They will keep you grounded through your adult years. Don’t forget to stick up for the ones who will need your strength in school. You’ll help them get through the rough patches and you’ll see what great adults they grow to be and how thankful they’ll be that you were kind to them.

Keep your friendships strong with the boys you’ll like, date, or have crushes on. Break ups will happen in jr. high, high school, and beyond. You’ll get hurt. You will, unintentionally, hurt others. You’ll all forgive and each experience will help you grow to be an AWESOME partner when you’re older. I promise. You’ll go from young and confused to #UnicornGirlfriendStatus. Trust!

Love your mom and dad, even though they’re not perfect in your eyes right now. You’ll know when you’re older, they did the best they could with what they had. Thankfully, you were born and blessed with their best traits. Own that and feel blessed, always.

Good luck, Nicole! Deep down, your gut already knows – you got this!


P.S. That obsession with Sylvester Stallone won’t go away when you’re older! You’ll always look up to him and find motivation from his films. Tell your friends who think you’re crazy when you say you’ll meet him – YOU WILL. Your instincts will be spot on. “YO Adrian. WE DID IT!”

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