You are a bright light and remember that accepting yourself and loving yourself is going to be your superpower

Dear Dez,

First of all, never forget the most important relationship you will have is with God and with yourself. I want you to know it’s extremely important to be health-conscious – at every age. Start now, eat in a plant-based eating style because it is going to be a solid foundation for your overall health and vitality.

Now I know what you might be thinking, no McDonalds? No Burger King? No Togo’s? And my answer to you is, stay away. Most of it is not actual food. Read labels first and check ingredients first. Right now, it’s really important to build strong foundations for a healthy life. Start by getting educated, watch documentaries on health, read about the importance of nutrition and it affects your skin, your brain function and your body.

It’s important to stay aware of your thoughts biggest thing that we need you to do is exercise every day important to understand and learn your value of who you are and the gifts that you want to share with the world Eat lots of green vegetables 80 to 100 ounces of water blueberries strawberries, bananas and almond butter. An important dairy alternative is almond milk and raw almonds are all things that are going to be staples to keep your body strong in your brain firing at optimal levels.

I want to also say the relationship that you have with yourself is going to be one of the most important relationships you can ever learn to cultivate. What I mean by that is who you are and your self worth is largely going to impact the actions that you take in life and the and the direction that you go in life.

Exercise at least three times per week and practice the self love exercise where you look in the mirror you stare into your eyes in the morning and just send love to yourself and think of sending love to yourself for everything that you are and what you will be. Practice for 30 seconds or more and just get really comfortable with who you are and what you want and vision what you want your life.

You are a bright light and remember that accepting yourself and loving yourself is going to be your superpower. Learn how to meditate whether it’s walking meditation, research priming or exercises from Tony Robbins. Begin reading books by Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Oprah. Start filling your mind with positive resources, positive reinforcement of how to use tools in life that will help you maneuver through the tough times. Because, let me tell you, tough times are going to come and it’s important that you open yourself up to learning how to be grow and become more self aware, practice forgiveness and compassion for yourself. This time of life is going to be at discovery of who you are and what’s important to you and what you value.

Also it’s very very important that you get rid of and do your best to steer clear of negative self talk and negative thoughts about yourself. One of the biggest factors that brings us down is that inner voice inside of us that tells lies about who we are and talks negatively towards oursleves.

So just remember keep it simple love yourself so much and take care of yourself so much that you are your own best friend and you are confident in who you are and who you present yourself to the world. Stay strongly connected to God, the divine and your purpose in life. Look into the teachings of Buddhism other religions and noticed the similar thread that is taught in all states and that’s we are all connected do good for others as you’d like, practice the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. Keep positive but also keep your feet grounded don’t be in the clouds too much.

The other thing to remember at this age is to have fun, fully express yourself, and stay humble. Our purpose is to grow and contribute in life. Where are you growing in your life and where are you contributing in your life because that is where the gems lie. Do your best to stay and think positive in this world.

Continue to cultivate the relationships in your life because these relationships will be a foundation of friendship for the rest of your life. Stay open to new energy, create new opportunities to make a lot of friends not just at school which is important, but consider going to camps or consider going to volunteer organizations, leadership, and sports all of these things you want to widen your circle of people you know so that you can stay connected with a lot of positive people. Stay true to yourself, keep your morals and values high and close to your heart. Do good in the world, do good for people, and do good for God. Stay confident, stay strong, always give, love big, meditate, exercise, eat healthfully, be mindful, stay on track of your thoughts and what you focus on and dream your biggest dream because you have everything inside of you to accomplish anything your heart desires and what you believe you can create, manifest and give back to the world. Have a multi-million dollar heart, and your already wealthy!

Dez Garrido

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